Builders Lien

Client warrants the information to be correct to the best of their knowledge and is in compliance with the builders act. Client authorizes ICON Debt Solutions Inc. to place a lien on the requested property. Client has attached a copy of Invoice.

Client agrees to cost of $250 (plus applicable taxes) and will be payable to ICON Debt Solutions Inc. immediately (fee includes Lien Removal cost as well).

  • By checking this box, you warrant all info correct


Note: Section 45 of the Builders Lien Act provides as follows:
45 (1) A person who knowingly files or causes an agent to file a claim of lien containing a false statement commits an offense.
(2) A person who commits an offense under subsection (1) is liable to a fine not exceeding the greater of $2000 or the amount by which the stated claim exceeds the actual claim

ICON Debt Solutions has Nationwide recognition and affiliates that collect for us in different provinces but we mainly serve British Columbia.

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