Icon Debt Solutions is proud to offer the following professional services:

Commercial Credit Checks

Every business owner should conduct credit checks before doing business with potential customers. Skipping a credit check could result in you not getting paid the hard earned money that you deserve after you've spent your own time and money completing the job. Having every new customer complete a credit application before they start working with you is a smart move for business owners that can reduce financial risks down the road.

DEBT Collection

It's not uncommon for a business to have some outstanding debts owed to them from time to time, but it's not always clear what you should do in order to collect on payments that are overdue. If your debtor suddenly disappears and fails to pay their invoices and it's been 60 days, it's time to get the professionals involved. The debt collection services from ICON Debt Solutions can help you secure payment on your invoices until you are paid in full.

Before contacting a collections company like ICON Debt Solutions for help, make sure you've talked to your customer at least once to give them one last chance to pay. When you aren't getting paid on time, you run the risk of falling into debt from being unable to pay your own bills when they are due. Contract us today to help you collect the money you are owed and avoid the hassle of waiting on payments.

Skip Tracing

Are you tired of losing customer contact due to suppliers leaving town without a forwarding address? It's not uncommon for a business or individual to move their location, and all too often, you won't be notified of the new address. When you are faced with losing contact with customers, missing out on payments that are owed to you and losing the possibility of conducting future business with them, it's time to contact ICON Debt Solutions for help. We'll help you reestablish contact with valuable customers who have been "lost" by providing you with their current address.


A lien is used by business owners, tradesmen, individuals, contractors and lenders to secure payment for a debt. Liens can be placed on cars, homes, real estate and anything else that is considered personal or "real"property. At ICON Debt Solutions, we specialize in both Builders Liens and Motor Vehicle Liens for professionals, offering a simplified process for securing the liens your business needs.

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ICON Debt Solutions has Nationwide recognition and affiliates that collect for us in different provinces but we mainly serve British Columbia.

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